Kalanggaman Island Tour

This is my third time in Kalanggaman, and yet still amazed with its beauty as the island never gets old. I always have that feeling of excitement seeing the scenic long white sand from afar. The island also offers activities like camping, snorkeling, diving and different water activities. The opposite side of the island is peaceful, there’s a recently build treehouse that is nice for viewing the beach or simply just chill and listen to the waves.


  1. From Cebu-Mactan International Airport take Mybus (operates from 7AM-9PM) to SM City Cebu Php25.
  2. From SM City Cebu ride a jeep #01K Php7 and ask the driver to let you off North Bus Terminal.
  3. Take a Bus or Van from Cebu North Bus Terminal that says Maya. Price ranges from Php174-200 (Ordinary to Air-conditioned). Traveling time to the port is about 3-4hrs depending on traffic condition, so it would be advisable to leave as early as possible.
  4. From Maya port, take a ferry to Malapascua Island for about 30mins Php100. Because Malapascua doesn’t have proper Port area, you need to hop in a small boat Php20 that will bring you to the shore. Take note that the last trip of ferry from Maya>Malapascua>Maya is at 5PM, so manage your time accordingly.
  5. Get a Kalanggaman Tour, see below CONTACTS & EXPENSES for the cheapest option. Travel time from Malapascua is 1 and half hour.


  • Don’t be surprised as there will be a lot of people that would approach you and would tell you about tours. They normally offer Malapascua Island Hoping and Kalanggaman Tour.
  • If you arrived early in Malapascua, like 7AM then you can do the Kalanggaman tour the same day from 9AM-3PM. But if you plan to chill, walk around or island hop in Malapascua then you can do the Kalanggaman tour first thing the next day.
  • For Kalanggaman Tour, local guide normally says the price is Php800 fixed that is also written in some tourist board, but you can actually bargain down to Php600 (this include lunch).


  • Shaloi Bondoc +639169406251
Kalanggaman Tour Entrance (Local) Entrance (Tourist) TOTAL Local/Tourist
Php600 Php150 (Daytour) Php500 (Daytour) Php750/Php1,100
Php225 (Overnight) Php750 (Overnight) Php825/Php1,350
Other Expense Php100 for Snorkeling Gears


  • KALANGGAMAN ISLAND: If you plan to do overnight in Kalanggaman Island, just bring your tent, find a nice spot and you’re done.
  • MALAPASCUA ISLAND: Look for Villa Sandra Php300 per pax/night. If you’re a vegetarian, it’s a place to be, plus the staff are very nice and welcoming. If you’re a group big group then look for BB’s Lodging House, they have Php700 3pax/room. The room is actually big enough for 4-5 peeps.

Here are some of the photos during my recent trip, enjoy! Say Hi! if you have further questions.Kalanggaman IslandKalanggaman Island1Kalanggaman Island2Kalanggaman Island3Kalanggaman Island_Other Side2Kalanggaman Island_Other SideKalanggaman Island_Other Side3Kalanggaman Island_Other Side1Photo credits to my friend @lee_royo for taking some of my pictures.

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