Most of the people who loves/ wants to surf normally go directly to Urbiztondo Beach in San Juan, La Union as this is one of easiest way to access among surfing spots in the Philippines. It is considered the surfing capital of Northern Luzon, other surfing spots are in Baler Aurora and Siargao.

If you’re a non-surfer it’s not a problem since the province have plenty of attractions and activities to offer. One of which is trekking to Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel, La Union. I wrote down instructions below on how to get to the falls and estimated budget if you’d like to do this activity + activity rentals, other attractions and where to eat suggestions.

Tangadan Falls, San Gabriel, La UnionTangadan Falls, San Gabriel, La Union


Take a bus from Manila bound to La Union for about 5-7 hour ride depending on traffic condition. If you’re coming from the South/NAIA Airport, then go to Partas Bus Terminal in Pasay, fare is Php453. They also have one in Cubao if you’re in Quezon City area. There are also other bus terminals like Viron, Dominion, Philippine Rabit etc., within Metro Manila that you can choose from.

  • If your accommodation is in San Fernando, take a bus going to San Fernando and get off to the terminal.
  • If your accommodation is in San Juan, take a bus going to Vigan or Laoag and ask the conductor (driver assistant) to drop you off at Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan.

When you get off to your accommodation, you can hop in to a Jeepney bound to San Gabriel, around Php17-20. Tell the driver that you’re going to Tangadan Falls. After getting off, go to the Municipal Hall and register (Php30/ per person). They will provide you an authorized guide that you can hire for (Php500) good for 1-6 persons.

Cliff Jump Trail to Tangadan FallsCliff Jump Trail to Tangadan Falls_2Cliff Jump Trail to Tangadan Falls_1Cliff Jumping on the way to Tangadan Falls

Starting from San Gabriel, Municipal Hall, you have 3 options going to Tangadan Falls.

  1. Using private vehicle: Normally done by tours, they go straight to Tangadan falls trail-head and trek down to the waterfalls for 10-15 mins.
  2. Using Habalhabal (motorbike): Hire a habal-habal to Tangadan falls trail-head (Php300/ per person, round trip) and trek down to the waterfalls for 10-15 mins. *Remember that you also need to pay for your guide, so that’s another 300.
  3. Using Tricycle + Trek: Hire a tricycle for (Php50/ 2 persons) for about 10mins going to Tangadan Falls jumping-off point. It’s an easy trek that would take about 1 and a half hour to the waterfalls.


  • It is important to register (until 2pm). This is necessary just in case something happen. After registering they’ll provide an authorized guide (wearing proper guide shirts). They will not allow you to hike if you arrived late in the afternoon unless you have a private vehicle that could take you to the trail-head.
  • The guide is mandatory, so you should hire one. It’s cheaper if you’re in a group of 4-6 person as you divide the guide fee.

I was travelling with my good friend Duy so we shared the cost of guide/tricycle fee, we took the third option. Below are the travel expenses to Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel, La Union.

Tangadan Falls, San Gabriel, La Union_Norms+Sui_1Tangadan Falls, San Gabriel, La Union_Norms


  • Jayson +639108411650
Travel Expenses Activities Single Group
Php40 Roundtrip jeepney fare from San Juan to San Gabriel. Php670 Php370 (for 2 or less if you’re in a group of 4-6)
Php100 Roundtrip tricycle fare from Municipal Hall to Tangadan Falls jumping-off point
Php30 Entrance Fee
Php500 Guide Fee

And that’s how you go to Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel, La Union!

We stayed in Urbiztondo Beach for about 3 nights with Php1000/ room accommodation. There are a lot of options, just take a pick according to your budget. Originally, we plan to surf, the waves are good on our arrival date but it subsides in the next days so we end up just eating, chilling, watching sunset and stand-up board paddling (that turned out to be sitting ’cause of unfriendly waves. haha!


  • If you’d like to learn Surfing, rate is Php400/ 1 hour with surfboard and instructor.
  • If you already know how to surf, Surfboard rentals is Php200/ 1 hour and Php500/ half day.
  • Paddle board rentals is Php200/ 1 hour.

Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La UnionSunset, Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La UnionSurfer, Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La UnionSunset Standup Paddling, Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La UnionPhotos from Urbiztondo beach.

OTHER ATTRACTIONS: Aside from Surfing and Tangadan Falls there are also other places/activities to visit in La Union like Churches, Macho Temple, Balay na Bato, Pebble Beach and other places that I’m probably not aware of. haha!

WHERE TO EAT: In terms of places to eat, i can suggest Surf Shack Resto Bar, Mad Monkeys, Coffee Library and Flotsam & Jetsam being my favorite because of good food, chill and nice ambiance.

That’s it, thanks for reading. Just Say Hi if you have questions.

Siargao Travel Experience

When you say Siargao, everyone will say Surfing Capital of the Philippines and famous for the waves called “Cloud 9”. Siargao is not just about surfing, the island has a lot of attractions to offer. From Island hopping, Lagoons, Waterfalls, Fine White sands, Cockfighthing and other unspoiled sites around the island.

It’s my third attempt to visit Siargao and finally I was able to do so together with my newest bestfriend Duy. Below are the details of our trip.


BY AIR: You can book a flight from Manila/Cebu to Siargao (Sayak Airport) via Cebu Pacific since they have regular flights. It can be relatively expensive specially during the peak season, tournaments or holy week.


  • CEBU: Book a ferry in advance at Cokaliong Shipping Lines. They are selling it from SM City Cebu, Travelers Lounge. (1) Tourist Php1,025; (2) Regular Php825. It’s an overnight ferry 7PM-5AM departs daily from Cebu Pier. If you’re returning the same route from Siargao>Surigao>Cebu. I suggest you book a return ticket from Surigao to Cebu to avoid the hassle.
  • SURIGAO: During our trip, there are only two ferry schedule from Surigao to Dapa, Siargao which is 6AM & 11:30AM. (1) Tourist Php300; (2) Regular Php270. It’s a 2 and half hr trip. There’s no reservation of ticket so the only thing you can do is to be the first one to get off the ferry from Cebu to buy ticket OR if you know someone from Surigao you can ask them to buy for you in advance otherwise you’ll be in next schedule which would take a lot of your time waiting.
  • From Dapa Port, take a tricycle Php250 or habal-habal Php200 for two people that would take you to General Luna. If you’re on a tight budget you can walk from Dapa Port to the nearest tricycle terminal in the market and use the public tricycle to General Luna for Php50.

In our case, we took the Cebu>Surigao>Siargao route. Unable to be on the first ferry from Surigao so we took the 11:30AM and arrived in Siargao by 2PM. We just rented a motorbike close to our accommodation for Php400/day since it’s the most convenient mode of transportation to go around the island. Drove to Cloud 9 area in the late afternoon to see the waves, though there’s just few that time and a lot of people are still surfing.

Some of our photos on the first half day in Siargao. Siargao Cloud 9Siargao Island BeachCloud 9 and Island Beach.


So, like what I mentioned from my previous entries, I normally choose the cheapest option. In our case, we choose Kawili Resort. It’s a dormitory air conditioned Php500 pax/per night. But they can also be as cheap as Php350 if you prefer fan rooms. They have a pretty chill place from reception to the attic and the beach at the back is just calm and amazing. There are a lot of cheap accommodation around General Luna, just ask around and check what fits your budget.Siargao Kawili Hostel1Siargao Kawili HostelKawili Resort

Siargao Kawili Hostel2Kawili Resort Air-conditioned Dormitory Room

Siargao Kawili BeachSiargao Kawili Beach1Beach at the back of Kawili Resort

We did planned of watching sunrise and surfing next morning but we are too lazy to wake up early. Duy already tried it in Indonesia and me in Baler but the surfboard is not that friendly to me and Duy is probably just good at drinking sea water in this kind of activity. Well, that’s our excuse! Haha!😆😂

Basically, you can go around the island for a day. From General Luna, we drove to Magpupungko Tidal Flats and Lagoons (Entrance Php50) in Pilar, Wide Stretch of White Sand in Algeria, Taktak Falls (Entrance Php25) in Santa Monica and even watch a Cockfighting event in one of their towns. Well, it’s both our first time being inside the cockfighting arena as I normally see the roosters fighting in the streets. Haha! And i’ll tell you what, it’s so painful to watch. 😦Siargao Magpupungko Tidal Flats and LagoonsSiargao Magpupungko Tidal Flats and Lagoons2Magpupungko Tidal Flats and Lagoons in Pilar

Siargao Alegria BeachSiargao Island Beach1Alegria Beach in Alegria (that’s Pacific Ocean behind our back)

Siargao Taktak FallsTaktak Falls in Santa Monica

Siargao CockfightingCockfighting in Siargao

Result of the whole day driving in the Island. I forgot to have sunblock, so you know what happened next. 🦀 Yeah I know, we receive sun everyday in the Philippines but I still do get sunburned. 😭😆

Since our time is limited in the next day and because the last trip of ferry from Siargao to Surigao is at 12NN, we’re unable to do the following:

I managed to get details for you guys for these activities.

  • Island hopping in (Naked Island, Guyam Island and Daku Island). They normally offer Php1,000/person for this tour.
  • Sugba Lagoon. As per checking, it can be organized by your accommodation but if you want it cheaper, you can go to Del Carmen Marine Protection Office (about an hr from General Luna) and share a boat with other travelers. Normal cost is Php1,500 which is good for 6 people. It would take less than an hour from Del Carmen to Sugba Lagoon depending on the waves condition. Then they have entrance fee of Php100/person. You can also rent a board in the lagoon for Php200/hour or Php500/day.

I will definitely go back to Siargao in the future to try these activities that we missed.

Well, based on experience, you should have at least 2 whole day in Siargao to do everything. Or even more if you’re into surfing. And that’s it, thanks for reading. Just Say Hi! if you have further questions. Enjoy!

Kalanggaman Island Tour

This is my third time in Kalanggaman, and yet still amazed with its beauty as the island never gets old. I always have that feeling of excitement seeing the scenic long white sand from afar. The island also offers activities like camping, snorkeling, diving and different water activities. The opposite side of the island is peaceful, there’s a recently build treehouse that is nice for viewing the beach or simply just chill and listen to the waves.


  1. From Cebu-Mactan International Airport take Mybus (operates from 7AM-9PM) to SM City Cebu Php25.
  2. From SM City Cebu ride a jeep #01K Php7 and ask the driver to let you off North Bus Terminal.
  3. Take a Bus or Van from Cebu North Bus Terminal that says Maya. Price ranges from Php174-200 (Ordinary to Air-conditioned). Traveling time to the port is about 3-4hrs depending on traffic condition, so it would be advisable to leave as early as possible.
  4. From Maya port, take a ferry to Malapascua Island for about 30mins Php100. Because Malapascua doesn’t have proper Port area, you need to hop in a small boat Php20 that will bring you to the shore. Take note that the last trip of ferry from Maya>Malapascua>Maya is at 5PM, so manage your time accordingly.
  5. Get a Kalanggaman Tour, see below CONTACTS & EXPENSES for the cheapest option. Travel time from Malapascua is 1 and half hour.


  • Don’t be surprised as there will be a lot of people that would approach you and would tell you about tours. They normally offer Malapascua Island Hoping and Kalanggaman Tour.
  • If you arrived early in Malapascua, like 7AM then you can do the Kalanggaman tour the same day from 9AM-3PM. But if you plan to chill, walk around or island hop in Malapascua then you can do the Kalanggaman tour first thing the next day.
  • For Kalanggaman Tour, local guide normally says the price is Php800 fixed that is also written in some tourist board, but you can actually bargain down to Php600 (this include lunch).


  • Shaloi Bondoc +639169406251
Kalanggaman Tour Entrance (Local) Entrance (Tourist) TOTAL Local/Tourist
Php600 Php150 (Daytour) Php500 (Daytour) Php750/Php1,100
Php225 (Overnight) Php750 (Overnight) Php825/Php1,350
Other Expense Php100 for Snorkeling Gears


  • KALANGGAMAN ISLAND: If you plan to do overnight in Kalanggaman Island, just bring your tent, find a nice spot and you’re done.
  • MALAPASCUA ISLAND: Look for Villa Sandra Php300 per pax/night. If you’re a vegetarian, it’s a place to be, plus the staff are very nice and welcoming. If you’re a group big group then look for BB’s Lodging House, they have Php700 3pax/room. The room is actually big enough for 4-5 peeps.

Here are some of the photos during my recent trip, enjoy! Say Hi! if you have further questions.Kalanggaman IslandKalanggaman Island1Kalanggaman Island2Kalanggaman Island3Kalanggaman Island_Other Side2Kalanggaman Island_Other SideKalanggaman Island_Other Side3Kalanggaman Island_Other Side1Photo credits to my friend @lee_royo for taking some of my pictures.

How to DIY Cebu City

Like everywhere else in the Philippines, Cebu’s primary transportation is Jeepney. The only difference is the number on top, which for other people is hard to remember. But I’ll tell you what, each number have their own route. You can see that in the front signage or in the side of the jeepney.

They also have “habal-habal” (motorcycle) “Habal” is a Bisaya term which literally means “the sexual (act) intercourse of animals” but now the meaning has evolved to mean the mode of transportation.

And of course, they have Uber, Grab, Taxi and Tricyle. If still in doubt ask around, their primary dialect is “Bisaya” but almost everyone can speak English, just flash a smile and start asking questions.


  • UBER: You can get a free ride worth Php500 valid To or From the Mactan-Cebu International Aiport. Open the Uber app, go to Menu > Payment > Add Promo/Gift Code and enter “VIVACEBU”. It’s valid until August 31, 2017.

Uber_Cebu Promotion_VIVACEBU

  • GRAB: Use BESTOFCEBU promo code to have a Php100 off from Mactan-Cebu International Airport to anywhere in the City. It’s valid undil December 31, 2017. You’re welcome! 🙂


The jeepney #17B and habal-habal will be your best friend as mode of transportation if you’d like to DIY your travel to see the below mentioned attractions. *You can also download “Cebu Jeep” app if you’d like to go to a particular place in the city.

Cebu city’s primary attraction includes the following:

  • Magellans Cross – *Free
  • Basilica del Santo Niño – *Free
  • Fort San Pedro – Entrance Fee’s (Regular Php30, Student Php20, Senior Citizens Php24)
  • Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House – Entrance Fee Php50
  • Taoist Temple – *Free
  • Temple of Leah – Entrance Fee Php50
  • Tops Lookout – Entrance Fee Php100
  • Sirao Flower Farm – Entrance Fee Php20

HOW TO GET TO Magellan’s Cross, Basilica del Santo Niño, Fort San Pedro and Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House.

  1. From (IT Park, JY Mall (Gorordo Ave), N. Escario, Pres. Osmeña Blvd or Fuente Osmeña Circle) ride a jeepney #17B and tell the driver to let you off Sto. Niño. (Fare will be amounting from Php7-10 depending on kms traveled).
  2. Get off to Sto. Niño and start walking around, both the Magellans Cross and Basilica del Santo Niño are right next to each other so you wouldn’t have a hard time searching for it.
  3. About 550m (7 mins walk) from the cross you’ll see Fort San Pedro in Plaza Independencia.
  4. About 750m (9 mins walk) from the cross you’ll see Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House. You’ll also pass thru different monuments and museums along the way.

Magellan's CrossMagellan’s Cross: My friend Sui flashing a smile on his first time in Philippines.

Outside/Inside pictures of Basilica Del Santo NinoBasilica del Santo NiñoBasilica del Santo Niño_InsidePhoto Credits to my friend @aleksei_indiana_petrakov

Outside/Inside Pictures of Fort San PedroFort San PedroFort San Pedro_InsideFort San Pedro_Inside1Photo Credits to my friend @aleksei_indiana_petrakov

And that’s it, you’re able to see some of Cebu’s historical places in no time.

HOW TO GET TO Taoist Temple

  1. From (IT Park, Gorordo Ave, N. Escario, Pres. Osmeña Blvd, Fuente Osmeña Circle or Sto. Niño) ride a jeepney #17B and ask the driver to let you off Sudlon. NOTE: Immediately after you get off jeepney a lot of habal-habal drivers will tell you about Taoist Temple, Temple of Leah, Tops and Sirao so don’t be surprised.
  2. Taoist temple is about 1.5km (20 mins walk) from Sudlon. You can also take habal-habal for Php20. NOTE:The Habal-habal driver will drop you off only from the entrance of Beverly Hills since they are not allowed to get in, so start walking to the temple.

Taoist TempleOpens from 9AM-5PM.

 HOW TO GET TO Temple of Leah, Tops Lookout and Sirao Flower Farm

  1. From the Beverly Hills entrance, Sudlon or JY Mall (few minutes’ walk from Sudlon) there are a lot of habal-habal drivers that would offer such trip.
  2. See fare chart below to guide you accordingly. NOTE: They can take only up to 2 passengers. You can still do bargain, but don’t bargain too much they also have families to feed. 🙂
  3. After the tour the driver will drop you off in JY Mall.
Attraction/Location 1 Pax (Roundtrip) 2 Pax (Roundtrip) Entrance Fees Total Fees (1/2 pax)
Temple of Leah Php 200 Php 300 Php 50 Php 250 / 350
Temple of Leah + Tops Lookout Php 300 Php 400 Php 100 Php 450 / 550
Temple of Leah + Tops Lookout + Sirao Flower Farm Php 500 Php 600 Php 20 Php 670 / 770

Temple Of LeahTops LookoutSirao Flower FarmBest time to go to Sirao flower farm is during 2nd/3rd quarter of the year.

I guess you’re a bit hungry after this day trip, so here’s WHERE TO EAT.

  • For sure you heard Cebu is famous for Lechon? That’s right! They have plenty of restaurants like (Rico’s Lechon, Lechon Belly, Zubuchon, House of Lechon etc.,) I personally like Rico’s Lechon and Lechon Belly. From (IT Park, JY Mall (Gorordo Ave), N. Escario, Pres. Osmeña Blvd or Fuente Osmeña Circle) take #17B jeepney and head over to Bivo Place, The Maxwell, Escario Central Mall or Acacia st respectively.
  • Want some French kind of dinner (Pizza + Pasta + Wine) with a romantic set-up? Then head over to “La Vie Paressiene” & “La Maison Rose” about 500m (6 mins walk from JY Mall). Price ranges from Php250-up. Not bad if you’re in a group right?
  • How about something local BBQ? Head over to Larsian BBQ. From (IT Park, JY Mall (Gorordo Ave), N. Escario or Pres. Osmeña Blvd) you can ride #17B jeepney and get off Fuente Osmeña Circle. On your right at the back of BDO Bank.
  • Maybe you’re looking for variety of food around the world to satisfy your cravings? Then head over to Sugbu Mercado in IT Park. Opens only from Thu-Sun (6PM-1AM). Use #17B or 17D jeepney.

And there you go, a day full of activities within Cebu city! Just on top of mind computation you spent Php874. Yes, that includes everything, if you followed instructions correctly. This will also vary on food selections or how hungry you were. 🙂

Maybe you’re tired and need some place to stay, so here’s  WHERE TO STAY.

There’s a lot of Hotel around the city so you will not have a hard time to locate one. But if you’re in a tight budget then i can suggest “Hey Fellas Guesthouse”.

  • Located near the City center, you can ride 03B Jeepney from Fuente Osmena Circle and ask the driver to let you off Planters Bank. It’s on the st on your right. They have (a) Air conditioned Room (350/bed/pax); (b) Fan Room (250/bed/pax). You can contact them via 09166465789.
  • Or if you can’t really find a place, i can adopt you as long as I’m in the city. Just message me. 🙂

NOTE: For groups around 4-10 persons, you can also rent a car/van for tours, normally from 4-8 hours, that would cost around Php2800-3500. You can also bargain in here.

All the people have preferences on what they’d like to do. So, here are the places/activities that you might also want to consider:

  • Crown Regency Activities – Entrance Fee Php250 + Php250 (each activity)
  • Simala Parish Church – *Free
  • 10,000 Roses Café – Entrance Fee Php20

HOW TO GET TO Crown Regency 

  1. You can take 17B, 17D, 06B, 06C or 15 jeepney’s, depending on where you are coming from. It’s located in the City Center (Fuente Osmeña Circle).
  2. Activities includes Skywalk Extreme, Edge Coaster and Tower Zip.

Crowne Regency_Skywalk ExtremeCrowne Regency_Skywalk Extreme GroupCrowne Regency_Edge Coaster RideI did tried Skaywalk Extreme and Edge Coaster.

HOW TO GET TO Simala Parish Church

  1. You can take a bus or van from South Bus Terminal in Cebu city. South bus terminal is near Elizabeth Mall (N. Bacalso Ave).
  2. From Simala drop-off point, you can either take tricycle or habal-habal for Php20.
  3. Travel time normally takes 2 and half hour until drop-off point while tricycle/habal-habal is around 10-15 minutes. 

Simala Parish ChurchSimala Parish Church2Some of the photographic spot outside the church.

HOW TO GET TO 10,000 Roses Cafe

  1. You can either hire an uber/grab/taxi that will surely cost you more or take V-hire and trisikad for Php50.
  2. Take V-hire from SM Cebu city to Cordova. Ask the driver to drop you off at Gaisano Grand Cordova or Terminal. *(If you’re in Guadalupe, N. Escario or Ayala, you can take 06H to SM Cebu city or if you’re in Ayala puv terminal you can ride 03Q) .
  3. Take a trisikad from Gaisano Mall/Terminal to 10,000 Roses Café for Php10. NOTE: Don’t fall for trisikad drivers who will ask for more since it’s only Php10, but if you’re generous enough then for sure he’ll be thankful.

10,000 Roses CafePhoto taken during their soft opening. Ideal to go on weekdays, they’re open from 10AM-11PM. It’s also nice during the evening. If you’re hungry after taking tons of pictures there’s Lantaw Floating Native restaurant nearby.

And there you have it, the must see places in Cebu City is now completed. Say Hi! if you have any further questions, I’d be very happy to answer those.

Stay tuned for next update about South and North of Cebu on my next post. Thanks for reading.